Featured Contributor: Kori Morgan


School: Ohio Northern University, West Virginia University
Degree: B.A. in Creative Writing and Professional Writing; MFA in Fiction Writing
Approved Section: Education

A day in the life of Kori Morgan, summarized in a Tweet:


What’s the story, if any, behind the name Kori? My parents had an ongoing feud about what to name me. My dad kept suggesting really bizarre names that my mom repeatedly vetoed, such as Hypatia, the name of the first female astronomer. My dad saw “Kori” named as the daughter of an athlete profiled in an issue of Sports Illustrated and it was the first option they both agreed on. Continue reading

My 5 Favorite Books from 2014

2014As the year comes to a close, I’m looking back at my favorite reads from 2014 (note: these are books that I read in 2014, not books that necessarily published within the past year).

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

My mom has been urging me to read this for years, and I finally got around to it in February (I wanted to read this before starting on The Goldfinch). I’m glad I did – such a compelling read, if a bit long.

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7 Popular Internet Memes You Should Know

memesInternet memes are little snippets of instant gratification and joy; if you think otherwise, then you’ve clearly clicked on the wrong link. Memes have become so mainstream that you can barely browse the web without tripping over half a dozen of ‘em. Some are iconic, others hilarious, and some are downright “what-the-heck?” worthy. Continue reading

Featured Contributor: Evan Gillespie

IMG_3271-(4)School: Ball State University, University of Notre Dame
Degrees: BFA, MA in Art History
Approved Sections: Home, Garden

You officially became a journalist in 1996. What was your first big story about? My earliest assignments were artist and musician profiles for a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper. In those days when the Internet was still an infant, it was a big deal to suddenly have my writing in front of tens of thousands of readers and to get to talk to famous people. Early on, I was asked to interview the guitarist from the first band I’d ever seen in concert, and that was the point when I realized that I was a professional. Continue reading

My Deep, Dark Writing Secret

After nearly two decades of writing, including my tenure in San Francisco where I wrote for a nationwide publication, it’s about time I finally confessed something about myself. I’d like to let everyone in on my deepest, darkest writing secret.

Are you ready?

(Sigh) here goes nothing. … Continue reading

Rejecting Rejection

fantasyOurs has become an increasingly fractious world, in which unanimity on any one issue often proves as elusive as satori, the state Zen Buddhists describe as that rare, sudden flash of awareness that produces enlightenment. Yet, there exists at least one sentiment about which the entire DMD community agrees: Rejections reek. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Food: Tips & Tricks

peanutsThanksgiving is a wondrous time for family and friends to come together, give thanks, relish in fine company and … oh who are we kidding, it’s all about the food. With the most gluttonous holiday just days away, your brain’s likely zeroed in on one thing: lots and lots of gut-busting sustenance.

For some, it’s about the turkey, for others it’s the mountain of irresistible, carb-filled sides. Personally, I come from a family that houses more pies than people every Thanksgiving, so dessert is my true love (sorry everything else). Continue reading

Top 10 Comic Strips


Comic strips — not to be confused with superhero comics like D.C. or Marvel — aim to serve a single purpose: to add a little enjoyment to your life. That’s it. If you crack a smile — mission accomplished. What’s great about comic strips is the accessibility; they’ve always appeared in the newspaper, beckoning your attention once you’ve finished reading through the drudgery and turmoil of politics, crime, war and poverty. The colorful cartoon antics are like a shining beacon of light at the end of a bleak tunnel.

Today we pay tribute to the finest comic strips to ever grace newspapers. And because I enjoy ranking things, here’s a list of my top 10 favorite strips. Agree to disagree. Continue reading

Show, Don’t Tell – Or Should You?

tfinaleMy journalism professor used to always hammer this Ernest Hemingway quote into our heads, but it’s a quote that’s stuck to me throughout my years as an editor.

When it comes to writing – particularly when you’re creating a dramatic scene — showing the reader something is notably more powerful than telling about it.

The moment she picked up the phone and received the news, she felt utterly devastated and alone. Her mind was in disbelief, and her world was shattered.

The moment she picked up the phone and received the news, her complexion paled, and the blood flowing through her body cooled and seemed to dissipate from her veins. She wanted to throw the phone across the room, through the walls and out of her house, and yet her fingers wound tightly around the receiver, as if it were the only thing holding her steady. Continue reading

A Buffet of Words


By: Ruth de Jauregui

Readers eagerly await your words to help them complete a task or put together a project. No matter what topic, organizing your article like a buffet table makes it easy for readers to understand and follow your directions. Buffets are set up in a logical order: plates, salads, main dishes, condiments, veggies and, last but not least, the bread and butter. Your article should also follow a logical order: neatly organized so the reader can follow the words like they’d follow the line at a buffet. Continue reading