Featured Contributor: Karren Doll Tolliver


School: Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS
Degree: English
Approved Sections: Fitness & Well-being; Food & Drink; Garden; Technology; Travel

A day in the life of Karren, summarized in a Tweet:


Sounds busy! By the way, I’m digging your name, Karren Doll Tolliver. Did you have a nickname growing up? Well, first of all my middle name, Doll, is actually my maiden name. I really didn’t have a nickname growing up, but my college friends gave me the nickname Double-R because of the two R’s in my first name. There was another Karen in the group; she was Single-R. Continue reading

Stuck in a Creative Rut? Here’s what I do!

cynA common condition afflicting (steadily working) creative people is the feeling that they’re stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. That’s particularly an issue when they work at a volume similar to the amount we do at Demand Studios. Now, there are any number of tricks and exercises we’ve all picked up in our various creative writing or journalism classes to help us with the technical problems. But I’m focusing on what I do to regain my mental edge when I’m worn out from work that’s begun to feel repetitive. Continue reading

The Book is Mightier Than the Kindle?!

bookskindleAside from being the Studio’s Community Specialist, the most fulfilling and awe-inspiring position I’ve held throughout my career was when I worked for a magazine in San Francisco. That magazine? Electronic Gaming Monthly. Imagine being an integral part of an editorial team, collaborating over design aspects and writing articles that appeared nationwide … in print! It certainly was a dream job of mine (at the time), and a stepping stone that propelled my career. Continue reading

Top 6 Vacation Destinations (So Far) — Blake Guthrie

Blake Guthrie is a Studio contributor (writer). His articles have been featured in a variety of publications, including the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” and “Creative Loafing.” He earned a Bachelor of Arts in mass communications from Auburn University.


Blake Guthrie happens to be an accomplished traveler; his presence has graced many different parts of the world. The following 6 locales are Blake’s top picks, the cream of the crop. Each location includes a recommended place to stay, a must do and trivial fun facts! Continue reading

Lucky Break — How I Became an Editor

timBy: Tim Edmundson

Demand Media Studios – a place I’ve called home for nearly four years. But, I’ve been associated with the Demand Media brand for over five years. That’s right, I started with the company in a much different capacity – I was an office admin. Well technically I wasn’t an office admin; my title was Facilities Coordinator but no one actually knows what that is (I learned this when telling people what it was I did for a living) so I just started saying office admin. Continue reading

17 Trivial Facts about the English Language

Are you eager to wow your friends/colleagues with trivial knowledge regarding the English language? Are you an up-and-coming Jeopardy candidate? Do you routinely attend trivia nights at your local pub? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this is the blog post for you.

Prepare for the onslaught of praise that is sure to ensue after regurgitating these facts.



Featured Contributor: Judy Wolfe


Judy Wolfe has owned her own writing business since 2006. She is a professional florist, holds a certificate in advanced floral design and had her Valentine’s Day floral design published in “Super Floral Retailing.”

School: Cal Poly Pomona
Degree: B.A. English literature with a minor in Animal Science
Approved Sections: Gardening, Travel

scissorhands-avonWhat’s the story behind your email “thebardof_avoncalling,” are you with Avon? No, I’m a Bardaholic. My all-time favorite quote comes form Henry V, Act IV, Prologue,  “A little touch of Harry in the night.” Continue reading

Make the Most of your Labor Day Weekend

hotairbaloonRejoice! Labor Day weekend has finally arrived. As summer winds down and comes to a close, for us working stiffs, a well-earned break couldn’t come at a better time. With that being said, what are your Labor Day weekend plans? Are you hitting the road and getting out of town, or are you partaking in the ritual of a staycation?  If you’re still on the fence about your weekend plans, or simply looking for some affordable activities to engage in, peruse our list of fun, savor-the-last-moments-of-the-season suggestions below. Continue reading

Featured Contributor: Monica Wachman

ThisisMonicaSchool: Anthony Chabot, Career Com Technical Schools, Ke Kula O Hawaii
Degree: AA English, AA Travel & Tourism, Destination Specialist Cert. Hawaiian Islands
Approved Sections: Travel, Garden, Culture & Society

A day in the life of Monica, summarized in a Tweet:monica

You started writing in 1979. Do you have a fond memory associated with that year? I worked on a Rose Parade float for the first time. Some of it was like painting only with glue, seeds, grains and flowers. I was living in Calimesa at the time, near Palm Springs. Continue reading

The Writer’s Manifesto

Have you ever heard of the Holstee Manifesto? While the name might not ring a bell, the imagery that surrounds it certainly will. Observe…

HolsteeManifestoA Brief History…

Continue reading